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What to look for in an M1903 Springfield?

I've been researching this, since I love historical military rifles, particularly those that were in use during the first and second world wars.

That said, looking at different articles and threads in regards to the Springfield, this is what I've learned thus far when I'm shopping around for one.

Barrels typically are very worn in most cases and it is highly advised not to shoot springfields that have a low serial number. A while back, when CMP still had them, the springfields they had in stock, many were used as parade rifles, shooting thousands upon thousands of blanks through them.

Pitting and barrel wear is another thing to take into account as well as hairline cracks in the furniture and possibly the receiver. Later production models will usually have 2 line rifeling and other things to look out for.

Am I missing anything here, I know that Gibbs offers a faithful reproduction of the rifle, using old receivers, but I just like the idea of holding and owning one that may have seen combat. I'd like to be able to shoot it as well.

Any information on this would be appreciated.


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