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m.p.driver posted
No,a runaway is caused by chambering the next round into a red hot chamber,so it cooks off.
This is completely wrong. On an M60 it is impossible for a cookoff to cause a runaway gun.

Heck; on an open-bolt machine gun like the M60, the round will be fired immediately as soon as it is chambered; how can that cause a runaway gun? Whether the round is fired by the firing pin or the hot chamber, the gun is designed to always fire as soon as the round enters the chamber. Either way, the sear will still catch the bolt and lock it to the rear as soon as you let up on the trigger. The only way to get a runaway gun is if the sear doesn't catch the bolt and lock it to the rear in between bursts, which is usually caused by extreme wear on the sear.

m.p.driver posted
Never had a runaway on a cold one,always one that had been operated in a sustained fire mode.
Your M60 ran away because you had just put a lot of wear on the sear, causing to to fail. Shooting it a lot causes wear on the sear, which can cause a runaway gun; shooting it a lot also causes it to get hot. That doesn't mean the gun ran away because it was hot.

The only way I can see the heat alone causing a runaway gun is in the way that johnwilliamson062 describes above. But even if that happened, it's still not a cook-off.

m.p.driver posted
Probably many trolls have never fired a m-60,least alone carried one.
Maybe they haven't, but it appears that some of them still know how it works better than you do.
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