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Thanks everyone for the tips. I think I made up my mind on the next purchase. It will be a basic 75b or 85b. I've toyed with the idea with the other variants and almost committed to a NIB glossy blue 75B and nice non import marked condition pre-B. Then it occurred to me...CZ 75 is a service pistol and it wont be right for me to buy one to sit around in the safe to look at. I want the most recent finish and internals and parts support without straying too far into the competition realm, hence the basic 75/85B (ugly goopy paint and all). This lately has been a strange thought process for me as I tend to collect the less common/sought after variants. I have been missing out on the good old basic gun.

now its easier said then done as there seems to be some kind of shortage of CZ all across the board. Apparently not cz custom have ETAs on their backorders

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