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I dont need to add my opinion about RN bullets. Anyone thats shot much game with the standard RN stuff knows how pathetic they are, including 45 auto RN and 45 Colt RN. Seeing jack rabbits run off after body hits with RN bullets starts to get old, and leaves you wondering where all the legends came from about certain loads. Keith bullets have a dramatically different effect on game of all sizes, and the wounds, when autopsied, leave little doubt as to their comparative effectiveness.

Reagrding Hickock and his Navies,

Lead Round Nose bullets for S.D.?

Wild Bill Hickok used a brace of Navy Cap-n-Ball .36s using simple lead balls.

Once when 5 men accosted him in a barn he killed all five with them two guns (and no reloading.)

Of course he was a dead shot and had some real steady hands.

Elmer Keith wrote that a couple Civil War vets he knew, that had both seen much action, stated that the Colts Navy pistol was a noticably better fight stopper than anything they had seen from a 38 spl. This was in the days when the RN load was about all that was available commercially. He said the round balls, being very soft, and driven to fairly high velocity with a full load in the Navies, had a pretty respectable performance on game in Keiths hands, and people judging from his sources. Both the Civil War vets had said the balls were better on men than the conical bullets in the Navies.
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