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Find a dealer who has a suppressor in stock, or can order the one you want. You will then purchase the suppressor. The dealer will fill in the serial number, and info(Make, caliber, model) and all his info, and should assist you with filling in all your info, in duplicate, on two forms. He will(Mine did) supply you with 2 fingerprint cards. Get your fingerprints done in ink, get 2 passport size, color photos of your face, have your Chief of Police, or County Sheriff sign your forms(local background check). Put all this in the envelope you got from the dealer, include a $200 check to the BATFE. Mail it to the Atlanta address, and forget about it for 6 months. When approved, the paperwork will come back to the dealer, and he will contact you to come pick up your device, and paperwork. If you have any criminal history at all... dont waste your time.
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