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Doc Big Bird, they are correct. Most airlines default to FARs for crew rest; many push the FAA to allow longer workdays; I do not know of any which require their crews to have more rest than what the FAA mandates.

IE, no more than 14 hours scheduled working; no more than 8 hours actually flying. However, that 14 hour day can be extended to 16 if weather or maintenance cause delays - but not if the company adds a leg. And the 8 hours flying can go longer, legally, if delays occur in flight that were not expected prior to takeoff.

Rest overnight ranges from 8-10 hours minimum between flights, depending on other factors.

If the FAA allowed more, part 121 and 135 operators would push crews even harder.

Ralgha, are you an FFDO as well as a pilot? FFDO buddies have told me that one discharge was the direct result of the lock the TSA mandatd for use, that was locked through the case AND trigger guard. Were they incorrect?
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