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The man who made the last post knows of what he speaks. Got that T-shirt. Flying as a career is like acting, but worse.

That kid on the right seat of the small commuter airliner that you fly into a hub on just might be living in his or her car as well as being on food stamps. It is very common for 4 or 5 pilots to share an apartment once they have been on the job long enough to make subsistence money.

And then there is the whole airline goes chapter 11 and ditches the pension plan nonsense. You and my taxes are paying for a lot of reduced airline pilot pensions through the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp after the airlines decided they didn't want to pay their bills any more.

Getting back to the FFDO program, all of the pilots that I know would prefer to carry on the job. The program and the company makes it hard.

Welcome to our world....

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