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The following info may shed more light on the Mitchell. It's not mine but from someone that really knows.

Mitchell is a former executive of High Standard of Connecticut. When Hi Std went out of business in 1984, Mitchell started up a company making clones of the High Standard target pistols. He even marked them with High Standard names. The pistols were all stainless steel and looked fine but apparently did not quite match the originals for accuracy. Some who report here might disagree but the consensus is that they were less accurate and operationally troublesome. Some have done "work" on them an got them to be at least reliable.

Then the real owners of the name (purchased along with all the engineering drawings and some tooling and parts) sued Mitchell and another company that made Hi Std clones for Stoegers. Mitchell and the other company lost the lawsuit and those clones were taken off the market. That all played out in the 1990's.
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