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De-Horning the devil !!!

It's obviouis that the enviroment was too intimidating for her and her husband should have been sensitive enough to see it coming. The first time I experienced this was when i picked up my youngest daughter from college and it just happened that there was a Gun Show, on the way. I took her in and after about five minutes, she asked to go out and wait, in the car. Later we talked and found that even the sight of all those guns, intimidated her. ....

The last time I ran into this was at an "Outdoor's Women's" training day. There were three gun stations and I took part in the M/L station. There was one particular young women that refused to to shoot at the shotgun and rifle station. After going through our instructions, it was time to shoot. Took some time but did get her to shoot. Afterwards, she started shaking and then cried. Some of the other ladies hugged her till she felt better and stated that she was glad she had conquored that fear. I replied that in all my years of teaching, I had never had this happen and she had made my day. ....

Be Safe !!!
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