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Anxeity at Shooting

I was asked a question that I have no idea how to resolve and not give the typical male man up response. A husband took his wife to the shooting range to introduce her to shooting. She never made it part way thru the "this is the isle where we will shoot." She started crying from just the noise from other shooters. He was very easy with her. Her dad shoots shot guns and rifles frequently. He never took her shooting. She was a child that has no history of violence and has spent her life in schools (HS, College, Teacher of 5th graders and is about 30). Her folks are stable people. How can a 30 year old be so timid about guns? I could only come up with, go to a place in the country w/ a 22. Have her stay way back while you shoot. Maybe on the next rip, move her a bit closer. Have her help you clean the gun at home. Find an older female and let them two talk without the male about. Sort of easing up on this super slowly. I'd like to hear from women on any ideas you may have that are beyond a males typical logic.
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