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went to a gun store about 30 miles away yesterday, the guy had just been to an auction. when i asked him about a cylinder he said he didn't know how to get one but would sell me a whole gun. he had bought a h&r 622 22lr, it looked like a new one and was in perfect condition. he had a h&r in 32s&w, don't know the model but it was nice. then he brought out a nef r-92 22lr just like mine, worked perfect but does have surface rust a little not bad just a few specs here and there. i sked him the price on the nef and he said $85 and he would through in a 50rd box of ammo. so i bought it, he also recommended flitz metal polish to get the rust off, will this work or should i just use oil and 0000 steel wool? thanks
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