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Browning BPS Hunter model ...12ga, 28" barrel and changeable screw in my choice...

They're cast neutral ( so they don't favor a leftie or right handed shooter), eject out of the bottom, safety is on top of the tang so its easy to reach with gloves on.../ dual action bars make the action really smooth...nothing not to like about this gun !!

They sell new for around $ 575 - $ 600 in my area.

These are my BPS Hunter models I purchased in the late 1970's or so ....they've killed so many birds and clays.../ maybe 500,000 shells thru each of them by now ( they've been thru 2 boys, and at least 4 of the grandkids now as well...) is a 12ga and one is a 20ga...

the model has not changed much at all...
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