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I for 1, think the FFDO program should be on the books but to me, the weapons & safety SOPs are *******, .
There are a few videos online, that explain it.

To my limited knowledge, the FFDOs are authorized to carry HK USPc pistols in .40S&W. They use the LEM(law enforcement modification) format.
I agree with the pilots & air crews, they are grown men & mature adults, many US armed forces veterans/pilots. They don't need dumb SOPs or hassles.

I do think the FAMS, , needs to go. They waste $$$ of tax dollars every year. Yes, there have been a few documented events of passengers who wig out or violent outbursts but trained "Sky Marshals" or FAA Special Agents(1800 series, ) can fly on selected aircraft.
I've read a few media items that many FAMs quit after 2/3 years due to stress, health problems or conflicts with the mgmt.
The entire system should be cut or re-designed to address the REAL counter-terrorist & homeland security threats.


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