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I don't understand the skepticism and at times downright hostility, even amongst some gun rights folks to open carriers.
This has nothing to do with skepticism or hostility towards OC and the subsequent arrest didn't either. Feel free to OC all you want but if you do don't come on here and get all bent out of shape if you get looked at funny or if the cops stop and check you out. Also, don't go around thinkin it's unreasonable for an LEO to feel uncomfortable and ask you to set your gun aside or offers to do it for you. Don't go around thinkin it's unreasonable that if you refuse that your gun will get taken forcibly. I'd prefer it if society wasn't such that the sight of a gun made many freak out. I really wish it wasn't like that but I AM NOT IN FANTASY LAND. Partly due to society whims but also do in no small part to actual circumstances your gonna get looked at funny, you're gonna get checked out, you're possibly gonna be temporarily relieved of your gun. It's nothing new, been the same since for centuries. It's not a big deal if in fact you are doing nothing wrong.

More and more info is coming out all the time. Not only about this case but also history and background. Haven't seen anything yet that doesn't confirm my original opinion that this guy is an idiot and not worthy of out support. Good thing I'm not a cop, the more I read and watch about this guy and the case I would of tasered his butt and did it a second time for the hell of it.
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