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Need help very badly with my SAA!

History: I bought a SAA from USFA in 2011 through Long Hunter Shooting Supply out of Amarillo Texas.

I have a problem with the pistol, and the tele # for Long Hunter is invalid and USFA may not be in business any H E L P!!

I was at the range a my cylinder, after I started unloading the spent cartridges
the cylinder would jam. Then, after working the action a few times. I opened the door and could remove the rest of the cartridges. This happen again after I fired another 5 rounds and tried to unload the shells.

Then, as I was firing the 11th cartridge, the cylinder FROZE! I can no longer work the action as the cylinder will not move. I removed the pin in the hopes of having the cylinder "fall out", but it does not move right or left or up or down.
There are still 3 loaded cartridges in the cylinder.

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