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I have been pretty bummed out about the rifle and was over at Sportsman's Warehouse crying in my Rem oil.

Guy shows me a Remington 700 SPS Varmint in 22-250 they had just gotten in.
Synthetic stock, 26 in. heavy barrel at 1-14 and externally adjustable X trigger.

Almost identical to my 700P in .308 and the trigger does not need any work. I looked it over and decided to buy it. Got a $35 dollar service veteran discount and brought it home. That gave me the rifle at $589. I have it all cleaned up and will have it at the range on Friday.

I talked to the gunsmith and they have not gotten a barrel yet so I asked them to get something with a faster twist ( 1-9 ) so when it is done, I can shoot heavier bullets in it. Now I am not so much in a hurry to get that rifle and I have a pretty nice rifle to try out. It does have the composite stock and I am not afraid to bump it like I was with the other one.

If the old rifle does not shoot well with the new barrel, I will build a custom gun on the action. The Rem700 is pretty much bulletproof.

I am betting the rifle will shoot fine with the new barrel, but time will tell.

Thanks everyone for all the tips.

Carpe Cerveza

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