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Because it has been my fortunate experience that every law enforcement officer I have encountered no matter what the situation may have been, has composed themselves as polite professionals.
Lots of others, perhaps "less fortunate", have had opposite experiences with LEOs. Your adjective actually weakens your argument, since you essentially admit that it is based on chance.

I do not fault Grisham for being armed. Based on the information I have at hand, I fault Grisham for his actions once the officers made contact with him, by making a spectacle of himself when it was not necessary to do so.
It's not illegal to make a spectacle of oneself. It's not illegal to protest when your fundamental rights are being violated. You would rather he humbly submit to an illegal arrest and search? I'd argue we need more men and women who are not afraid to stand up for themselves and to make it clear to our law enforcement that we will quietly submit to the usurpation of our rights. If you want to stand mute, by all means feel free to do so. I, however, would not.
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