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Range Report -- New Ruger Single Nine Revolver

Got my new Single Nine to the range after work. My goals was to zero the sights at 30 feet and also just generally check out the new gun to ensure full and good functioning. Went to my favorite range, Field Time Training & Target in Stanton.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the Single Nine, it is a Ruger single-action nine-shot .22WMR (not .22LR) revolver. The Single Nine does not feature interchangeable cylinders and is specifically designed for the .22WMR round. The barrel is 6.5" to accommodate the ballistics of the .22WMR round. The revolver comes standard with Williams Fire Sights as shown at the pictures below.

Out of the box the revolver was shooting a couple of inches left and slightly low. A couple of clicks on the Williams Fire Sights and it was shooting right on the money. The Williams sights really make getting a good sight picture easier. I really like these sights. My groups were a bit erratic; I will need to practice more with the Single Nine. It is sure a fun handgun to shoot!

FYI I was shooting Federal Game-Shok rounds.

Functioning was fine. No problem pushing the rounds out with the extractor. The rounds fit tight, but not excessively so. The trigger felt good and the action is nice, tight, and precise. It seemed to sort of "break in" after a couple of reloadings. Maybe that was my imagination; it just seemed to get a little smoother.

Going to really do some target shooting with it this weekend now that I have zeroed it.

Cleaning the Single Nine is a breeze. This is a very easy revolver to maintain.

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