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I imagine the skepticism comes from feeling that we as gun owners don't want any bad apples to sour our whole bushel. In other words, I think the skepticism and refusal to blindly support open carriers who have law trouble is rooted in our fears that if we support someone who is loony, the antis will have more momentum with dumping all of us into the "Loony Bin", as it were.
I don't think I'm blindly supporting anyone. But I completely disagree with your unique notion that we should hold OC'rs to a higher standard than anyone else. Shouldn't the criteria be that if they are breaking the law, arrest them, and if they aren't breaking the law, send them on their way and thank them for their time? Why is the presumption that the police are always in the right? How many times have we seen them behaving in a rogue fashion before we believe that is is a plausible explanation when we see an otherwise law-abiding citizen being hassled over his/her firearm(s)?

Now don't get me wrong, I am making no judgments about ANYONE involved in this case, but I am being skeptical of the information presented thus far.

Fair enough?
Everyone is entitled to be skeptical - but I would argue that you shouldn't limit your skepticism to the sergeant.
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