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I don't understand the skepticism and at times downright hostility, even amongst some gun rights folks to open carriers. When something like that Toledo incident happened we were all pretty much up in arms. Yet just about every single time a OCer, be it a rifle or a handgun is harassed, accosted or otherwise wronged by the police the immediate approach is one of skepticism.
I imagine the skepticism comes from feeling that we as gun owners don't want any bad apples to sour our whole bushel. In other words, I think the skepticism and refusal to blindly support open carriers who have law trouble is rooted in our fears that if we support someone who is loony, the antis will have more momentum with dumping all of us into the "Loony Bin", as it were.

Now don't get me wrong, I am making no judgments about ANYONE involved in this case, but I am being skeptical of the information presented thus far.

Fair enough?

ETA: Nor do I mean to insinuate that open carriers are loony!
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