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I don't understand the skepticism and at times downright hostility, even amongst some gun rights folks to open carriers. When something like that Toledo incident happened we were all pretty much up in arms. Yet just about every single time a OCer, be it a rifle or a handgun is harassed, accosted or otherwise wronged by the police the immediate approach is one of skepticism. Did he have an agenda? Was he trying to force a confrontation? Why is he OCIng anyways? Cant he just CC the gun problem solved!

I don't see all those questions being asked when we are talking about a CCer who is harassed or unlawfully detained/arrested simply for CCing a firearm legally.

Call me overly simplistic but I view this as black and white.
If you are violating the law, then you can be arrested. If you are not violating the law then you cannot be arrested. If there was no violation of the law in this case they had no right to arrest him, no right to charge him, no right to take his guns of his CC permit. All of those actions are blatant civil rights violations if the man is guilty of no crimes.

Regardless of his motives the second we "let it slide" when a gun owner has his rights violated when no law has been broken is the moment we mine as well let the antis burn the 2A and confiscate all of our guns because thats where the path will eventually lead.
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