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So, you think the officer should have reacted to this call to de-escalate the situation? You think the officer escalated it by asking him to disarm and then when he refused it was wrong for the officer to resort to drawing his sidearm to get the suspect to comply?
Your assumption is that it was "escalated" to begin with. Exactly how did you come to that conclusion? The officers responded to a "man with a gun" call. When they arrived, they came upon a citizen legally carrying a long arm in full compliance with Texas law. YES they escalated it. Instead of just introducing themselves and just establishing rapport with the guy, their first considered act was to disarm a citizen who had broken no laws in their presence, and about whom they had no reasonable suspicion that he had broken any laws.

Exactly why is it that police officers are presumed to have the authority to disarm anyone they feel like disarming? Have we come to this point where even ostensible gun rights enthusiasts believe in the unfettered power of the police to take guns away from people who have broken no laws? Sheesh. I feel like a broken record here.

How is the officer supposed to determine an armed person is NOT a threat?
First, you are making a rather unwarranted assumption - that any armed person is a threat. By this standard, police officers should be arresting each other. Is your assumption that ONLY police officers should be allowed to carry firearms openly, never mind what the law permits? Why not suggest that only police officers should be able to drive cars, or open umbrellas, or any other perfectly legal activities? it is NOT a threat merely to carry a firearm. I shouldn't need to have to make this argument.

We aren't talking about an officer driving by and seeing someone armed. We are talking about an officer responding to a 911 call about an armed person. Your 'simple conversation' cannot be used in all situations of uncertainty.
An armed person in an area where it's legal to be an armed person. Sheesh. By your standard, police officers should be able to hassle whoever they run into any time they arrive at a call scene.
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