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Re: Obama Wants to Cut the FFDO Program

Originally Posted by Dr Big Bird PhD View Post
The program should be cut and the Airlines should be allowed to perform security on their aircraft in any manner they chose.

Even including arm pilots or a security officer or whatever. Take the federal gov't out of the equation and ask for more individual and corporate responsibility.
You place far too much faith in corporate responsibility. Do you know why airlines don't force their crews to work 24 hours straight? Because the federal government won't let them, and that's the only reason.

Do you know why your flight is occasionally delayed because the crew is getting food? Because they showed up to work 10 hours ago and have been given no breaks or food by their airline. Do you know why they aren't fired when they finally say enough and get something to eat? Because the federal government is watching.

Do you know why your crew got 6 hours of sleep last night instead of 3? Because when they got in 5 hours late last night, only the federal government prevented the airline from forcing them to show up as scheduled.

Do you know why the airlines reinforced the flight deck door after 9/11? Because the federal government forced them to.

I'm not saying the feds are perfect, far from it, but rest assured that the only thing the airline cares about is money. Nothing else.
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