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After some thinking on the subject a Circuit Judge would be a very good option for home defense because the cylinders can be kept loaded without the worry of magazine springs wearing out or becoming weak.

Load it with a cylinder full of .410 Buckshot or .45 colt hollow points and a person would be hard pressed to find a better option.

It can be loaded ( The speed loaders made by 5-star) or unloaded in a flash, and fired at the same rate as a semi-auto but without the worry of a jam ( as long as U.S. spec. ammo is used) and be used one handed if for some reason the other hand is out of action ( through injury or holding a flashlight/phone) I've been thinking about picking one of the circuit judge revolving carbine/shotguns for awhile.

But I do have my two Mossberg 500E's that do a good job for around the house .410 defensive duty ( The S&W Gov. is a good option as well for the same tasks and for close range personal defense outside the home)

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