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First season to hunt Turkey...ever...

...and i'm HOOKED!

I'm blessed to have a flexible job that allows me mornings to hunt when I can. I went out with someone kind enough to show me the ropes yesterday, then hit (with another friend) a 1500 acre plot here in Middle TN. It was beautiful.

The first day out...we didn't see much. Just a few hens. Saw one gobbler at a distance of about 400 yards, but he was wise to us.

This morning, we went out and saw a number of hens. Got a gobbler to answer my calls, albeit he was likely 500 yards away. At the end of the day we checked one other area, there they were .... four hens and two big Toms.

It was a longer shot than I wanted...about 50-60 yards (3" #5 shot), and in the thrill of the moment I aimed at the head and not the neck. Fired, and missed. Luckily, I didn't wound the old guy, but lessons learned.

...which even serves to hook me more. Great day though.

The first time out I simply got the ropes of it. Today I fired my first shot. Hopefully next time will hit the skillet. I love the whole process. I'll be out Friday again, then Monday, so here's to continued success. Just thought I'd share.
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