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Even with a good gun belt about 30oz is my maximum for IWB. Reason being I also have a flashlight, TDI knife, double speed loader pouch and Leatherman Skeletool with bit kit on my belt to balance on the other side. It all adds up. For me the SP101 in 2" DAO is right at the top of the heap as far as how much I want to carry every day weight wise. I have 6 shot wheelies (mostly S&W) and 4" barreled variety, but they never get carried. Good luck finding a cheap iwb holster for longer barreled revolvers Btw.

The HK36 and other speed loaders, not to mention speed strips work brilliantly with it. I think it hits a sweet spot as it is a carry gun I can practice with and not worry about wearing out. I can load it with 38 from wad cutter to +p, 357, shot shell, etc. It is very versatile and fills many roles for me. If I had it all over to do again I would still buy the 2" DAO for carry (no snag, trigger job makes it superbly accurate to 15 yards for me), but I will also be buying the 3 or 4" model down the road. Just not sure if the longer barrel will be on a GP100 or SP101. Probably whichever I get the better deal on tbh.
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