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Vanguard S2 Not the rifle I "Want" right now.

My biggest investment in terms of ammo stash is the .223. I don't have that much but a couple of grands worth. My dilema is that I've slowed down shooting altogether. The Vanguard S2 is a fabulous rifle with a VX3. It is easily the most accurate gun I've ever owned and shoots about .75 as a routine.

I love it. But what I "want" currently is a M77/357 mainly because that's now my second biggest investment in terms of ammo (I've been shooting revolvers because it's working out cheaper).

My call for advice is should I let the S2 and my .223 ammo go, and take a slight loss on the rifle/glass/ammo to fund my new obsession. I found a 77/357 last week at the gun show but bailed at the last minute because I'm spending too much dough on gun stuff lately. Dang it all. Should I sit tight? Will the .223 become $hootable again? I'm even thinking that it would be cheaper—at least no more expensive—to get into the big rifles at this rate. I saw a Model 70 3006, beautiful wood with irons the other day that would be as commercially viable to shoot as the .223. And there's still a bit of 3006 on the shelves.

I know if I change anything right now my ammo stock would be depleted as a new investment doesn't go as far as it did a year ago.

What saw you? What are you all doing/buying/selling lately?

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