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Originally Posted by kochman
And this attitude, ladies and gents, is exactly why I support expanded background checks. To ensure that irresponsible gun owners are held to a minimum level of responsibility, to protect those around us.
And tell me, sir, where the problem exists for which your "solution" is necessary?


1)Has there been a rash (or even 1 major incident) of shootings with guns that were intentionally and irresponsibly transferred to a prohibited person? I'll answer that for you. No.

2)Would this "universal" background check system have prevented the shooting at Newtown or any of the other mass shootings? I'll answer that for you too.... No.

You propose a change in law that:
1)Is demonstrably outside the constitutional powers of the national government.
2)Addresses a "problem" that does not exist.
3)Purports to arise from incidents which it would not prevent.
4)Expands on a system that is currently violated with impunity.

One might "look past" some minor flaw in a system, were the benefits profound. This system is rife with flaws, AT BEST constitutionally questionable and provides no significant or even measurable benefit.

I worry greatly for the future of our republic.
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