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Funny, but the questioning of the child isn't what Grisham is upset about.

So the rural country road is inside the Temple City Limits?

That is an odd way to describe a city road even for Texans.
Actually, yes, you can have rural county roads inside the city limits.

I'm not familiar with where this incident occurred, but city limits frequently extend well beyond the built-up areas of the city, even in cities outside of Texas. Most Texas cities are low-density, populationwise. Further, many unincorporated towns contract out their police duties to better-funded agencies. So it's not at all out of the realm of possibility that a Temple police officer had enforcement duties well into a rural area.
Right. Plus, legally speaking, Texas peace officers have jurisdiction anywhere in the state. So there is no issue of jurisdiction except maybe whether or not the officers were working outside of their area of primary taxpayer funding.

Nope, and that wasn't my point. My point was limited to the "irrelevance" being claimed. While you don't "need" a reason, having a reason you don't even need is a good thing for a defense.
Then I would have claimed the meth-heads in the rural Temple area over hogs and cougars, oh my. There are plenty of reports of meth labs in Temple and in Bell County in general and problems with drug addicts are reasonably common and documentable. Problems with hog and cougar attacks in the area are not, LOL.
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