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Originally Posted by Kochman
I can't even believe this...
Oh, so if you're selling it to someone it doesn't matter if they are a maniac... because you no longer own it.
BUT if you own it, then it matters... you don't want to rent to a maniac.
You have no responsibility since you sold it hahahahahahahahah... And this attitude, ladies and gents, is exactly why I support expanded background checks. To ensure that irresponsible gun owners are held to a minimum level of responsibility, to protect those around us.
Since an irresponsible gun owner is by definition irresponsible, would he observe your new law?

Let me suggest that you have conflated two very different scenarios;

1. You sell your Anschutz biathlon rifle to your neighbor who says he is interested in the sport. Unbeknownst to you, he committed vehicular manslaughter as a kid and is legally barred from owning firearms.

In this instance, it is unlikely that you have broken current law in your state because you have not knowingly transferred your rifle to a prohibited individual.

2. The person who sells you cocaine and brags about all the people he has killed since emerging from federal prison requests firearms for himself and his gang. You accommodate this request.

In this instance, you have knowingly trafficked in arms to a prohibited person. Without going to the trouble of any research, my sense is that this is already a crime in most states even in the absence of a universal background check.

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