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Just purchased A Circuit Judge:

I own a Public Defender Judge. I love this gun. I saw a Circuit Judge at my local Gun Shop. I was looking for a rifle that I could possibly hunt with. Was considering a .410. So I bought it on a trade with my AK 47. which I felt I had no use for. He put a Hologram glass on it. I am considering putting a scope on it. Wonder if anyone has any suggestions on a good inexpensive scope I could get.Took it out Sunday to shoot. It had been a while since I had been shooting & it was fun. I was impressed with the accuracy with the .45 and also the PDX loads. I was shooting at a distance of about 40 yards. Some problems though. The cylinder seemed to hang up when cocking the trigger. I don't know if the .45 shell was not seated right or what. Wonder if anyone has had this happen to them. Also the stock gets in the way when ejecting the shells. I wonder if anyone has modified the stock to compensate. I went on the Taurus site but I haven't gotten any response. Also the cost of the .45 colt ammo is outrageous. I hope to find someone who reloads that I can purchase from. Would like to learn to do it myself. I've heard mixed opinions on hunting with one but I hope to try it out myself.
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