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LED: Being from the Ukraine etc or Russia, they are much safer than Enfields from South Africa, Greece etc.

About two years ago a guy walked into a S. African gun shop and was shocked.
Staff were destroying Enfield rifles-all of which are obsolete-and it's possible that the ammo is being destroyed.
The movie "Blood Diamonds" made some organizations think that warlords wanted obsolete weapons, or gave them a better excuse to pay for their destruction.

UN money (and many US dollars) pays a number of countries to destroy not only stocks of full-auto AKs, but any other older milsurp rifles and often the ammo is burned.

Somewhere on the net I stumbled onto the website of a Brit/Euro 'arms control' group who influences much of this waste and stupidity.
Solche Zerstorung ist nicht nur Verschwendung, sondern Dummheit, in case any central Europeans read this.

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