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Originally Posted by coyota1
Yes, from what I have heard the 222 is inherently more accurate than 223. I hand load the 223, I just need the dies for 222. I just don't want a white elephant that won't sell due to unpopularity. I plan on keeping the rifle (722 Remington), but I look at a gun purchase as an investment. Not many people know anything about the 722 either.
I know this is an old thread, but when it re-surfaced on the .222 I started reading. I am surprised that people find a gun they like & worry about buying a "white elephant". I have found that if you buy a decent gun at a fair price (notice I didn't say bargain) you will pretty much be able to break-even if not make a buck or two if later you find the need to sell. Put a Rem 722/.222 up for sale or take it to a gun show & you'll be making a deal pretty quick.



BTW: anyone have any 7x61 S&H or .41 Mag white elephants they need to dump?
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