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So what is the best way of handling this?

Under these conditions I find it hard to take a company that is providing our US Special Forces and other parts of the DoD with winning weapons that can mean life or death for our best defenders and lightly consider the impact of the families of Remington and go hard on them when they may have their hands tied.
I stand by my decision but lcpiper does have a point here.

I remember the time (1989) when William Ruger opposed to the idea of large-capacity magazines. Back then I really didn't mind because I was too young. But looking at how bad things are nowadays, makes me wish he didn't say that because the magazine ban we are now facing is not a recent invention, it was suggested many years ago by William on a letter to congress.

So my question now is, how should our community best encourage firearms companies to help out with our cause? Do we support them? Do we boycott them? Or should we just wait?

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