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rattle snakes protected in Idaho?

hello all,
I know, it's way to early for the plethora of rattlesnake related threads to crop up but today while I was thumbing through fish and game regulations and came to an interesting section on reptiles and amphibians.

the reason I find it interesting is that I have heard, several times in fact that all species of reptile found in Idaho are Protected species, including Rattle Snakes and yet this little PDF says that any of the listed species can be possessed, live or dead by anyone over the age of 10 with a current hunters license and have a bag limit of 4 per species per person. children under 10 are exempt and may possess legal bag limit without a license. both commonly found species in my region(the prairie rattler and western rattler) are on this list so I really am curious where people are getting the idea that it is illegal to kill rattle snakes in Idaho?

I'm fairly certain that with a bag limit of 4 per person per species this is not some new regulation change.
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