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Can't walk away from this thread for a minute it is going so fast.

If you sell guns to unknown people, without a check, in this day and age, you are an irresponsible gun owner.
If you delegate your decision making to a government bureaucrat you are an irresponsible citizen. I can't drive to my FFL, have him perform a transfer, and drive home in less than an hour. The cost is $30. At minimum wage that is 3.5 hours of work. So, in order to exercise a fundamental right some people have to spend an hour of their free time, work three and a half extra hours at minimum wage, and hope there isn't a delay. If there is they have to meet up again in three days when the delay, which is almost always erroneous, expires. A little more than a moment. Maybe you make $500,000 a year and can't imagine someone deciding not to buy a gun b/c it will cost them half a days wages or groceries to feed a family of 5 for a day in fees to get a transfer on top of the retail price.

I didn't revise my statement at all. I said you aren't necessarily "most" people.
You're comparing the USSR under Stalin to the USA in 2013?
I can't even begin to want to talk on such lines.
I will compare it to the colonies in 1776. In 1776 The British government required colonists to face trial in England for some capital crimes. They colonists had a revolution. In 2013 the president publicly states he has the right, personally, to order a US citizen killed on US territory without ANY process at all. We lick the Cheetohs dust off our fingers.

ON prohibited persons:
Have you looked at the variance state to state on what a prohibited person is? Just the state to state difference in how drug crime is punished is IMMENSE. Some states possession is a non-criminal fine and some it qualifies for "long-term" internment. How can one have a federal law piling penalties on top of state laws that vary widely. Not to mention the fact that removing this right was likely never considered when those laws were written or the absolute embarrassment that is public defenders in many jurisdictions. Look at the thousands who have been cleared by DNA evidence in the last decade.

You'd not rent your apartment to someone, I would hope, without doing some sort of check either.
B/c I still own it. If they had a certified check from the bank I would sell them my house/car and not bat an eye. You ever do a background check on someone you are selling a house or car too?

JD, I have read some great arguments from you for removing regulation from licensed dealers. What I have not read is a reason to extend those burdens to private sellers. Instead you seem resigned that the burdens are there, the activity is no different, so the burden should be extended to all. DO you work for a lobby like the FFLs of America or something?

If this law passes FFLs will stop doing transfers. Many in my area already have. Instead they will make you sell used guns to them for a deep discount and resell them for a larger profit than the transfer offers.
$0 of an NRA membership goes to legislative action or court battles. Not a dime. Only money contributed to the NRA-ILA or NRA-PVF. Second Amendment Foundation is a solid alternative.
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