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Drone with a "ZIP" 22lr on it...
I think municipalites pay a few hundred dollars an hour to rent helicopters. Two days for a landowner can't be efficient.
Surprised there aren't people training dogs to hunt the pigs autonomously. Drop them off for a week and come back. I know pigs aren't defenseless, but a pack of dogs should be able to handle them.
I actually have no reply to this.....

The price of a hunt for the hogs is what gets me
We have a lot of pigs....I know of one place across the river..that charges for guided pig hunts....There are 2 places in this county that are HF and charge....The rest of the land is generally leased up to deer hunters....They do most of the pig hunting....There is generally not much land to allow hunters to come in and or otherwise....It is generally leased to hunters for the season or year.....

If the hunter is incompeitent and shoots something he shouldn't charge his ass for the replacement of that animal it would bring plus some and make it hurt
Like DNS said..U are liable to have to sue....My experience with that is not so good....I would just as soon keep my Angus bull from harm....
Hog Hunters never die........They just reload.........
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