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I fired/worked on hundreds of 60's. A lot has to do with the time period it was made. They (M-60s) would actually start to come apart if they had enough early parts on them. The early barrel latch would vibrate loose and the barrel would come out. If the gas piston was not safety wired on, the cylinder cap would open up and lose the piston. The early rivets would pop out and the receiver would start to come apart ( There was actually a quick fix welding jig in the system to repair loose receiver rivets. It worked like crap and ruined the receiver). I even remember a couple that had the barrel socket come loose, not while firing though. There is a lot more when it comes to assembly and design problems. Could you run a couple cans through with long bursts? In a new gun. Hell, we just tilted the gun, hit the latch, yelled look out below and threw a new barrel in. For the guy in the Navy: I had to take some guys out to qualify when a float came in. Until that day I had no idea that an M-60 would chamber a round with the bolt mounted backwards on the op rod! I also was around when the 240 was mounted in the 60 series tanks as a co-ax gun. It is better.
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