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I would have a "triple deuce" before any 223 or 22-250. The differences are so minute that I would never even think of comparing any of them. It was a boss in its day and still is to me. More accurate than its competition just doesn't quite have the energy. It was built exclusively for accuracy on the bench and not too many can beat it there. Like a few have said its won many many matches. Records that are still waiting to be broken. Such a rich unique history. Its in my top 3 favorite cartridges. Reloading will blow its brethren out of the water and components are pretty easy to get. Most munition giants still load it. (When the world isn't panicking that is) I happen to be one of the lucky fellas to own a sako L46 PRE Vixen in the deuce. By far my most cherished rifle. Hence my handle. The combination is boringly accurate. Still a very large and loyal group of followers. Buy the rifle you won't be disappointed!
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