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I guess it's my turn to be a critic. As I said in an earlier post on this thread, you can make .222 rem from .223 rem if nothing else is available. Or, as an alternative reason, you just enjoy the reforming process, and want to do it (which is a valid reason). The economics don't justify it otherwise.

To do it easily and properly you will need a .223 to .222 forming die, a .222 trim die, and either an outside neck turner or inside neck reamer. Midway sells the forming die set for 168$. A .224 neck reamer for my forster trimmer costs 22$. Therefore the equipment cost to reform .223 brass is about 190$ plus shipping.

Midway has winchester .222 rem in stock for 33 cents apiece, and my local gun store has a big jar of new remington .222 rem cases for 31 cents apiece. I can buy a lifetime supply of 500 cases for less than the reforming equipment cost, and no work.
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