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"I still have very good distance sight but the glasses correct my up close vision."

Your eyeglass prescription is what is commonly called "reading glasses". I went through the same thing starting some 15 years ago. I was fortunate to have a great opthalmologist at the time who told me "don't get prescription glasses until you absolutely have to." He told me to get 'dime store' readers in the lowest magnification that would work for me.

If your glasses are only for near vision (provided you can see your handgun sights well without the glasses) DON'T USE THEM FOR SHOOTING. The near vision correction will mess up your distance vision and fuzz your target considerably.

When you reach the day (as I did last year) when you need bifocals it gets real interesting There are some places that will make your bifocal with the close vision prescription in the top of your glasses just for shooting.

It is a challenge and you will get used to the glasses but imho if you don't need them to see your sights clearly, don't use them for shooting or hunting
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