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Really? How does a cook-off cause the bolt to bypass the sear and sear notch on the op rod? Provided the trigger is not depressed at the time.
Yea, I think you gota give this one to Stryker, I always thought it was the hot barrel thing as well, but thinking it through I believe he is correct.

Some of you may appreciate this video.

One night I was pulling CQ in Korea, I was on perhaps my second pack of smokes, was really bored and I was doing my security checks. I got to the arm's room and the armor was up working so I spent some time talking with him. As we talked I looked at the 60s hanging by their carry slings on pegs on the wall left of the cage, and it made me think. I was bored right?

I reached in, and through the bars I started dissembling the gun and pulled each and every peace through the bars and reassembled the gun outside the cage. The armorer wasn't happy, they had to rearrange everything the next day
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