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Just talking about the pride of knowing that you can do it all yourself if you really want to. Plus, it is cheap, constructive, and might even make me some money.

Shooting has always seemed expensive to me, so I like the cheap option. I've always been a do-it-yourselfer; never feel like I have mastery over a subject till I can.

I have been looking at a ruger GP100 because of how tough it is, but consider the ruger sp101 (only 5 shot). MUCH more concealable. Want to minimize the gun, but not to the point it doesn't have the energy to get the job done considering true black powder loads. Think the ruger sp101 is tough enough for a fully loaded black powder .357 magnum round? Maybe the barrel is too short?

Any other ideas maybe?

Ruger GP100 next to Ruger SP101

Also looked at S&W Model 327 and Model 627 (8 shot, but tough enough?):

Smith and Wesson 60 also seems like it might be a good option?

Those are their links.

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