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400 on a walking coyote and the same on a walking pig. Longest kill shot on a big buck was 280ish (ranged it, but can't remember the exact distance). The varmint shots were all with my 260 with a 16.5 inch barrel. The buck was with my 270. Both rifles carry 4.5-14 scopes.

You do not want a 28 inch barrel, but as for best length, I don't really know what's best. I do know what's good enough, and that's 16.5 inches. As I've aged (and maybe gotten least older), I've decided I like light rifles and shorter barrels. Just easier to carry and handle, and if properly set up, they'll outshoot you. So what's my idea of today's ideal rifle for long and short hunting shots. I guess I'd go with the Sako or Tikka stainless lite. If you can get it in 270, that would be my choice. If you were limited to short action calibers, I'd want a 260, but don't think that's available (or I'd buy one), so probably a 308 or 7-08.
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