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Are you saying self defense against wild predatory animals is not a "good reason" to go armed? It may not be a requirement for the defense, but it does provide enhanced justification for carrying a rifle around.
LOL, not saying that at all. Legally, you don't need a "good reason" to go armed, do you? That is clearly stated by Grisham in the video. However, Grisham is playing up a threat to gain favor. However, the threats claimed are virtually nil. If threat from hog and cougar attacks are his justification for carrying, then he is pretty clueless about actual threats in the Temple area. As an Army Intel guy, I really doubt Grisham is that naïve, so he is likely playing up an angle to gain favor with the public in order to raise funds.

If that isn't enough to satisfy folks' as to the illegality of the police officers' conduct, then this is an exercise in futility.
While I agree that this is an exercise in futility, it is because we are not seeing the actual events that transpired before the video. The confirmation about which you speak does not appear to be the formal report.
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