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I'll leave the semantic debate alone.
There's no debate. This isn't a matter of opinion, it's a matter of what each word actually means. It'd be like calling all round fruit an apple, even though the fruit your talking about is a cross between red and yellow in color, has a thick skin, and the meat has little capsules of sweet juice. There's no debate there either, it's an orange.

It works fine (as long as you have a table/bench to rest on), the HKS is just easier to use and more versatile (and half the price).
I'm actually in agreement here. The UPLULA is tough to use without something to rest it on, and it's no fun using your knee. The HKS, although I find it a bit slower, is easier to use and more versatile. Having said that, I personally don't use them. My wife uses them for the same reason the OP wants them. I find it faster and easier for the most part to load by hand.
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