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Rossi makes a decent gun

They are not the same level of quality as a smith or ruger, but will give dependable service. Since guns never wear out(it's possible but very unlikely) you will have it for a long time. Time enough to put in your will for the grandkids.

What do you want the gun for? Snubbies are pretty much for concealed carry and self defense. They aren't as easy to shoot as a larger framed, service sized weapon.
The SP-101 is a great gun because the weight is nearly twice that of similar guns and will be easier to shoot, but more of a hassle to carry concealed.

If you want a really nice .38 you cannot go wrong with a 4" Smith model 15. Adjustable sights, good trigger and a frame smaller than the highway patrolman. They are a sweet gun that is easy to shoot and are very sought after. They make a stainless version that is model 64 or 67- I forget which.
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