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If FFLs were required to do a transfer of a private transfer free I might go for it, but the gun shops aren't going to like that.
I vacillate on that topic quite a bit. I don't believe they should be making money off of a service provided by the government. But they do pay the guy that sits there on the phone for you. If they were limited to strictly recouping the cost of paying that guy to sit there on the phone servicing you- that's the middle ground I wouldn't mind.

If I could walk into any Sheriffs office 24 hours a day and have someone run the background check I might think about supporting this legislation. As it is now this bill WILL put a burden on me AND many others.
Oh, I don't want that. At that point one of two things happens. The Sheriff keeps the 4473, which is bad, or the stranger keeps the 4473, which is bad. Let's not enable registries or identity theft any more than we have to. Keep the 4473's in the brick and mortar bound book.

Additionally, lets not stick someone who just lost their parent with the onerous task of going through their papers for a 4473 form to mail to the ATF, assuming they even know there IS a 4473 form to mail, or that they would have to do so.
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