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I mainly agree with you. Very well thought out post.
4473 is a necessary evil... expansion of it isn't a bad thing, because, as you said, it is necessary. I would expand it to all stranger-stranger sales...

@Al Norris
I'll take on that clip.
Driving is not a right, we all know this. Just because it was unregulated once doesn't mean it should have been. It was never a right simply because it wasn't regulated.
Travel is a right, per the Constitution.
Whatever your mode of transport, once you hit a national border, there were checks in place. Not throughout history, but within any of ours lives.

"Crying over spilled milk" is unproductive. We live within the reality we live in, and it can be adjusted, but it's a process, just like it was a process to get it where it is now.
Things get regulated. We can regulate smartly, from our side... or, when we fail to self-regulate, and repeated cases of it are made clear, there will be support for the other side which will regulate much more draconically.

Yes, those checks could have made someone safer. How do you know none of your sales were to felons who then committed crimes?
I have cited examples of 120k plus interventions that prevented felons from getting guns.
Yes, it does put a burden on you, but it isn't undue.
I agree that it should be made easier, and refined.

If they were stopped from an FFL, and we expanded the FFL system to nearly everyone, it would be... stopping them.

Second, the possession of a firearm by a prohibited person is already illegal.
Yes, pay attention to the 3rd specific charge... illegal purchase... that's different than illegal possession...

I've documented that 120k plus cases of stopping people had occured in that 2 year period, but you're saying it didn't stop anything?

How does one document that a crime which never occured was prevented? You can't prove a negative.

The burden is minimal. I've done this 4473 so many times, I walk in and out within 20 minutes, every single time. That's nothing compared to a lifetime of gun ownership with that particular weapon.
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