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.45 Colt

I have a Ruger BHK in this caliber. I shoot all the main revolver calibers and IMHO the .45 Colt is by far the most difficult caliber to reload accurate ammo for hands down. After try well over one dozen .45 Caliber bullet molds I found the best was the Lyman 255 Keith (452424). I struggled with the Lyman 250 RNF (454190) which is the old standby for this caliber---yes I used different powders, primers, sizer dies, even brands of brass...

Years ago, as luck would have it, Lee offered a closeout on a .45 Cal 235 grain WC DC bullet mold....I bought one. I tried it and never was very happy with it as it was not accurate...years later I tried it again... My mistake was that I was shooting it at too long a range... out to 100' or so it is very accurate. At 50 yards +, not so good.
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